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Welcome! Cruise Ship Passengers

The Port is operated by the Port Authority of Jamaica. The terminal consists of five primary berths two of which are dedicated exclusively for cruise shipping and two of which are presently used for both cruise and cargo shipping The Government of Jamaica has increased expenditure on major infrastructure improvements to the port in recent years. Alongside, in the terminal building are in-bond, gift, souvenir and specialty shops. There is a telecommunications centre with telephone and fax service for cruise passengers (and crew) and a snack and refreshment stand. Transportation is available from the terminal building, supervised by the Jamaica Tourist Board, which also maintains a visitor information booth.

So much to do, so little time...

Because of the limited time, it is hard to do all things you would like to do. Why not plan a visits to historical great houses, or working plantations that were formerly grand estates. Others may wish to experience an guided river ride on a bamboo raft, or an exciting sailing cruise or take a snorkeling or scuba expedition. How about an exhilarating round of golf on one of our championship courses nearby, a game of tennis, laze around on the beach, or visit our unusual bird sanctuary up in the hills.

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